This is an open letter I typed out on my phone a few months back before a road trip I took to see my best friend and parents. It was the first time I was traveling without my husband with both kids and the longest car ride for my son, who was three months old at the time.

I didn’t think anything was going to happen but just in case, I wanted to have something for my family. Michael was unhappy about being separated for a few days and a couple hundred miles, and I got that. This is the letter I wrote.

Life is too short to not say the things that matter. Like I love you and I will always want to best for you.

Tommy you are a wonderful gift that I wouldn’t trade the world for. Abby, you are my sunshine of happiness and your hugs always make my day better.

There are so many things that I cannot say without a lifetime but I will try. Love is important, even when it hurts. People make stupid mistakes and say things that hurt in the moment. Forgive them and cherish the time you have with them

Your father and I may not have been the best example of a couple in this world but we have love. And love brought us you two.

Michael- I love you with all my heart. You see me for my mistakes and took me all the same. We fight and argue but always remember that is because we care. If we didn’t care we wouldn’t fight.

You make life worth living and the world a better place for being my husband, partner, friend and love.

I know you tell me not to stress but I want to have something down for you – even if nothing happens.

Be patient with them, let them teach you things and be the best dad you can for them. It is hard work and you may feel like it doesn’t make a a huge difference but listening to them on the physical level and explain things before you do something, is very important. Remember to laugh and smile every day and think of three wonderful things no matter what.

I love you all.

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