Sometimes you feel invisible.

Like the people around you don’t see your pain and suffering.

When you are beaten down by stress, when you are oppressed by discouragement, when your best feels like its not good enough. When you want to just give up and quit.

Remember you are not alone.

Because friends, true friends see you for who you are. They come along side you when you are tired and weary from struggling to do it all on your own. And they take their time to ask about how you feel. They pray when you share with them your fears and doubts. They are there for you when you never even considered yourself supported.

They are a family thicker than flesh and blood. Forged through late nights and long projects. A family that reaches out to gently lift the broken from their sunken place. Arms to hug you when you are sad. A companion when you are needing to voice your troubles. A shoulder to cry on when you can’t hold the pieces for your breaking spirit together.

They are the real heroes in life and everyone has them.

So if you need someone to talk to, I am here. If you need to rant, I am here. and if you are hurting, I will support you.


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