About This Crafty B*tch….

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Rebekah Heffington Creation

This whole site is literally because my husband made a joke that since I was so good at each of the crafty things I tried, and so many people asked me to make stuff for them – I might as well sell it too.

This whole thing started because every hobby I pick up, someone always says ‘Do you sell that?”…
owner & Queen Crafter

Who I am Besides Crafting

In addition to being a crafty bitch, I am a professional photographer and web/graphic designer by day. So if uou need help getting your own site instead of Etsy or need professional images of your items – message me (lol kidding but not really).

I also LOVE reading with a hot cup of tea and cookies, dancing in the warm summer rain and loudly singing along to ANY Taylor Swift song (OG Fan of hers). The site will updated in burst, as my life is always a constant juggling act with my business and mom life.