As a passionate queer disabled small business owner, I have transformed my love for all things nerdy and pop culture into unique, handmade stickers, decals, and other creative products. I love bringing beloved fandoms to everyday items for the LGBTQIA+, Disabled and Neurodivergent Communities, allowing fans to express their identities and interests in visually stunning ways. I am committed to quality and inclusivity, and do my best to ensure that every piece reflects the diverse and colorful world of pop culture nerdy-ness.

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I am Rebekah, a small business owner, mom, wife, and devoted fan of all things nerdy. My journey into this enchanting world began in middle school when I first immersed myself in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and watched re-runs of Star Trek. This sparked a flame that grew into an enduring passion for Star Wars, Stargate, comic books, mythology, and fantasy novels.

Today, I channel my love for pop culture into creating unique, artistic items that let fellow fans express their passion in their everyday lives. Each piece I craft is designed with care and creativity, ensuring that you can proudly showcase your fandom at home, in the office, or wherever your adventures take you. Decorate your life with meaningful and fun pop culture treasures, lovingly made for nerdy souls like you and me.

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