Lifestyle photography can be defined simply as ‘a kind of photography mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday…the primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people in different times’.

I think of myself as a storyteller with my camera, capturing life in motion.

Capturing love thought the lens – be it self love, a love story of a couple or the love of legacy with your family. Technology today makes if easier to take, share and save hundreds of thousands of images. But ones you take them or post them – do you look at them again?

Some you may because they are a milestone or a favorite because of an emotional attachment to that singular image. But mostly likely you have backed up your phone and have them stored on your computer, uploaded to facebook or even just using them as wallpaper for your device. Print and physical items is not as prevalent or even thought of now because of the easy of technology.

Before I discovered my passion for storytelling with photographer, I was the exact same way. I took pictures but I never did anything with about 97% of them. I must have taken them for a reason yet I didn’t value them past taking the initial click to my camera roll on my iPhone.

But since getting married and having children, I realize I want lasting images and quality became important. Sure cellphones are handy and fast to use, but until recently most images taken where not ones you hang on the wall or make huge albums out of. This is a far cry of the hundred of picture books my parents have of me growing up.

Thousands of prints and a few hundred undeveloped rolls I’m sure. Everything from me in a cute outfit my mom made me to cooking with dad, even silly ones like me trying to walk with my dad’s huge dress shoes on.

So when did we forget that something physical to see and share is important and can become apart of our legacy. That became the driving force behind my business and how I view life.

I take pictures not just to make money, or have a career – it makes me happy helping document a part of someones’ life and sharing it. My heirloom keepsakes are designed so you have a sustainable product to pass down to your children, their children and even great grand children.

So the next time you snap a quick picture on your phone, consider that life is a story and take time to cherish and remember it.

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