Being your own boss sounds like an awesome thing, but in reality you have to be all persons and keep yourself on track. As a photographer, a lot of the work goes on behind the scenes with the research, planning, scheduling social media posts and blog content, finding your style of editing and post processing and so much more. Looking at the end result of a great photographer, the level of work and heartache that goes into that one image is astonishing.

My daughter enjoying the outdoors between rain showers. 

Because I am a one woman business owner, I struggle. This is a fact of life. I am hard on myself when things fall through the cracks, and I have to remind myself I am not perfect and that things in life happen. So when I can’t keep up with my social media posting because the kitchen needs cleaning and the laundry has to be done< i focus on the good that I am doing for my family. When I have clients fall through after positive vibes and a great conversation, I think about the future and that maybe it was for the best.

Lately I was in a funk after the plans I thought would bring new clients to my small photography business didn’t pan out and then family health issues popped up and it became hard to focus on the positive without the twinges of bitterness nipping at my thoughts. I was unhappy with myself, constantly thinking about what I could have done better, is my portfolio of work lacking, am i just one of hundreds of photographers in my area and it was it about a lower cost or more free products.

All of these are valid questions to have, but I can’t let them rule me and get me down. I have been considering what I am about, what I stand for and why I want people to hire me. Originally I wanted to be valued for my work, which in theory is a solid idea but that does nothing to speak to my potential clients or how I want to run my business. I don’t want to the high dollar brides and well of families, because I value relationships and client loyalty. I live in a very rural area and love the idea of a wedding in the backyard of a home horse farm, or rustic couple sessions that are full of laughs and silly faces. I want to watch a couple grow and expanded over the years and be a special part of capturing all those memories and milestones.

I want to be a lifestyle documentary photographer. I love the film tones of older images and showing the little imperfections in life as well as the happy times.

What that in mind, I have been doing over all my older session and going back to re-edit them to fit this new mindset. I am so excited and can’t wait to allow this new joy to flourish as I get more and more session. I want to try new things and work on helping my clients be relaxed and have fun during our sessions, not always focusing on how to pose or having that magazine editorial look.

Check out my redone sessions, and follow me as this new ‘groove’ helps me feel happy and grounded in my business.

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