I hope you are all snuggled warm in your homes, enjoying time with friends and family. While it may not be a white Christmas, there is a nip in the air — enough to give you Rudolph’s nose if you stay out there long enough!

I recently had a fantastic Christmas session with the Workman family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I truly have the best clients ever! This family was no exception, either.

I’ve known mom, Leigh Ann, for a while now as we are both fellow photographers in the area and it has been a pure joy to hang out with her and her family. The last session I did with the family was an in-home, lifestyle session with features waffles, wacky workouts, and crafts as well as in prompt-to lightsaber fight. How can you not love working with clients who are just as fun-loving as you.

For this Christmas family session, it took a few weeks to get our schedules to match up for a date. We finally met in Driver, an adorable little town that is so unique to the are, but most people haven’t even realized what they have just driven by. I love shooting here because of the eclectic vibe it created for my sessions, and it can mesh with anyones style. There is a newly created walking path, a giant dinosaur that is dressed up based on the holiday or season, and a brick wall that is so fabulous to shoot as a backdrop.

For our shoot, the Workman’s came prepared, with color matching outfits that fit with their personality — complete with converses and a dinosaur jacket! I love it when my client’s outfits show their personality, which really made for some amazing photos and speaks to the unposed lifestyle esthetic of my brand.

It truly was an amazing photo shoot.  Okay, enough chatting.

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