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these days may feel long, but the years really are short.


The beauty of these sessions are the in-between moments.

Think snuggles, giggles, and glimpses of adoration… real expressions, quiet moments, and a story to look back on with fondness.

scroll down to reserve your time slot

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  • client preparation guide & wardrobe guidance
  • 20 minutes of shooting time for one adult and up to 3 children (additional children are welcome for a fee)
  • online gallery of 5-10 images
  • all high-resolution digital images available to download



Schedule your session for either Sunday, April 28th or Saturday, May 2nd, 2019 in Suffolk, VA. Spend time with your child(ren), snuggling, laughing, and enjoying one another while I capture the uniqueness of your relationship and the one-of-a-kind bond you share.

After your session, you will receive an online gallery of 5-10 images to download as high-resolution digital downloads.

Below you will find all the details and time slot options for these unique sessions.



  1. Select the date and time you desire for your session below, along with your information and proceed to checkout to pay your session booking fee.
  2. Receive your session preparation guide, contract and final invoice through email.
  3. Decide on your final attire for the session.
  4. Arrive and experience the fun of a lifestyle mini session!
  5. Receive an on-line gallery of images within 7-14 days of your session.
  6. Download your images through digital download and order prints right away.

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reserve your time slot

Sunday, April 28th or Saturday, May 4th

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do you give full rights to all of the images?

You will receive a link to download all of your images as well as a Limited Print Release to use when you print your pictures. A Limited Print Release allows you to download all of the pictures and print them at your preferred print location, up to a certain sizing. However, Rebekah Heffington Photography will retain the full Copyrights which means you are not permitted to alter the images, sell them, or submit them to any publications or contests without prior written approval from Rebekah Heffington Photography.

where do you suggest we print our pictures?

I highly recommend you to order prints directly within your private online gallery from my preferred professional printing company.

do i have to book a different time slot for each of my children?

No. Not at all! However, if you have more than three children coming, I highly recommend adding an additional child (for a total of 4) or book two back-to-back time slots for more than 4 children to ensure plenty of time for each child. Please note there will be an additional cost for adding on a fourth child due to adding 10 minutes to your session time.

what should we wear for these pictures?

I will send out a Client Preparation Guide before your session with clothing advice. I recommend choosing comfortable, neutral clothing, or coordinating tones and selecting one pattern. All clients are welcome to chat with me to help finalize clothing selections, should you want additional assistance.

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This special offer is for 2019 Mommy & Me mini sessions only.
No cash value. No product substitutions will be allowed. No refunds.


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